In November we reconvened our Advisory Groups within the Open Energy Pilot phase and we’d like to share their progress with you. The Advisory Groups are running from October 2021 until the end of February 2022 with two tracks: 1) Membership & Delivery, and 2) User Needs. Meanwhile, the Steering Group meets to support the overarching strategy. 

The two groups meet monthly and include a wide range of industry leaders and subject matter experts, representing a cross section of private and public players with a unique contribution. The Advisory Groups play a critical role in Open Energy’s development, providing us with a 360 perspective that ensures that Open Energy is designed for and with the energy sector. 

Here’s a summary of everything achieved and discussed in the November meetings.

Membership & Delivery

The group discussed:
  • The rich feedback provided on the Membership Contract and a brief update
  • Presented the proposed Open Data Principles for a metadata curator, and provided members the document to review and comment
  • Presented the proposed organisational onboarding capabilities and requirements for various categories of data consumers, data providers, and data curators
  • Discussed the current progress on the data access specifications for pilot phase access conditions 
Still under discussion: 
  • Open Data Principles for a metadata curator
  • Proposed organisational onboarding capabilities and requirements
  • Data access specifications for pilot phase access conditions 

User Needs

The group discussed:
  • A narrowed down list of use cases considered in the October meeting which are in scope for Open Energy to deliver
  • The progress already being done on an electric vehicle use case around opening up access to charge point data with the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles
  • The potential economic, environmental, social benefits of supporting each of the narrowed down use cases
  • The potential business cases that would support prioritising one use case over another
  • The scoring criteria which can be used to rank the use cases, and voted on the top scoring use case of all participants
Still under discussion: 
  • Further scoring of the use cases, and narrowing down to the top two use cases which will be supported by Open Energy in future work

Steering Group

In this session, the Steering Group discussed

  • Reflections
    • COP
    • Advisory Group meetings
  • Achievements & progress for the Membership & Delivery AG
  • Achievements and progress for the User Needs AG
  • Alignment statement – update and discussion
  • Membership terms of service
  • Considered use cases and Problem Statement

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