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This event is part of the techUK’s #TechGreenFinance campaign week.

At this techUK event, we will explore what the challenges are and what needs to be addressed to ensure green finance delivers for all. The topics covered at this event will include data mobility, reporting and mobilising climate finance.

COP26 has been a welcome stimulus for both the public and private sectors to increase efforts to mobilise climate finance and support the achievement of net-zero targets. The Chancellor announced that he will set out the UK’s plans to become ‘the world’s first net-zero aligned financial centre’ and welcomed ‘historic’ climate commitments from private companies covering $130 trillion of financial assets.

We will explore what these announcements mean for the technology and financial services sectors and what solutions private firms and Governments are developing to deliver green finance.

Speakers from the following organisations will speak at this event: IBM, Icebreaker One, Innovate UK, Tata Consultancy Services.