In early December we reconvened the Open Energy Pilot phase Advisory Groups and we’d like to share their progress with you. The Advisory Groups are running from October 2021 until the end of February 2022 with two tracks: 1) Membership & Delivery, and 2) User Needs. Additionally, the Steering Group has met to support the overarching strategy. 

The Advisory Groups are composed of a wide range of industry leaders and subject matter experts, representing a cross section of private and public players with a unique contribution. The Advisory Groups and Steering Group play a critical role in Open Energy’s development, providing us with a valuable perspective which ensures Open Energy is designed for and with the energy sector. 

Here’s a summary of everything achieved and discussed in the December meetings.

Membership & Delivery

The group discussed:

  • How to ensure Open Energy is continues to be front of mind for the energy sector
  • Presented the proposed data access specifications in order to ensure the security of Access Control
  • Presented the user-centered product design research process, and the customer journey / experience map based upon a potential member role
  • The proposed Open Energy onboarding flows – the “checklist” of what a member would need to do to join Open Energy based upon the member role

Still under discussion: 

  • Data access specification refinement
  • Data onboarding flow documentation

User Needs

The group discussed:

  • The Advisory Group members’ thoughts on recent electric vehicle legislation
  • The process Open Energy has followed so far in the development of a use case, and the planned next steps
  • The preliminary proposed Flex use case case, and a discussion around the outstanding questions which remain
  • The detailed electric vehicle use case, and a discussion on the necessary data, opportunities and benefits of the use case, and outreach to who we should contact to further build it out

Still under discussion: 

  • Further work on the electric vehicle use case
  • Developing a specific Flex or gas transition use case based upon the Advisory Group’s feedback and further research

Steering Group

In this session, the Steering Group discussed

  • Achievements & progress for the Membership & Delivery AG
  • Achievements and progress for the User Needs AG
  • The proposed electric vehicle use case and provided their guidance and feedback
  • The user-centered product design and customer journey work
Advisory and Steering Group membership applications have closed, if you’d like to sign up to be a part of the community review track, click here or email