The role of the private & finance sector in delivering our net zero ambitions

This fireside chat, streamed live from COP27, addressed the importance of and need for positive collaboration, highlighting the fundamental, complementary role both of the private and finance sector and policymakers in achieving our climate goals. By creating clarity on how both sets of actors can contribute to the net zero transition, and what policies can optimise the contribution banks can make to the decarbonisation of the real economy, the objective for the session was to enable policymakers, banks and industry to most effectively drive the economy to a net zero future. 


  • Heather Buchanan, Director & co-founder, UK Bankers for Net Zero

Confirmed panel:  

  • The Rt Hon Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, 
  • Natalie BlythHSBC, Global Head of Commercial Banking Sustainability
  • Will Jackson Moore, PWC, Global ESG Leader

The future of sustainability reporting with Icebreaker One

Our financial institutions are investing and managing trillions of dollars towards a lower carbon future.  As regulatory and net zero policies increase, today is the simplest things are going to be. We must address the scalability of trusted, verifiable and comparable reporting. At the moment global initiatives are pushing towards delivering a lower carbon future but they cannot yet prove that we will actually hit net zero. We need to improve access to data at scale, to improve its quality, reliability and assurance to ensure we move away from estimations.

This fireside chat, streamed live from COP27, with Gavin Starks from Icebreaker One addressed the core reporting challenges faced by organisations today and how Icebreaker One is helping deliver Bankers for Net Zero’s new programme of work that will deliver rapidly scalable, low-effort, low-friction sustainability reporting for SMEs.