Icebreaker One is leading a bid for a research study to support the development of the ‘Digital Spine’, a proposed piece of system-wide digital infrastructure to connect energy system participants, enabling data exchange simply and securely. 

We’re asking organisations and experts to endorse our approach.

There are three key parts to our approach:

  1. The development of open standards that enable open marketplaces for data-sharing of both Open data and non-Open data
  2. Laying the foundations for interoperable and cohesive energy data infrastructure
  3. Building on existing work and the sunk costs invested in existing initiatives

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We believe we’re the best team to take on this work because: 

  • Open Energy is the leading solution and has already received investment from government 
    • The UK Government has already invested in our approach, helping make Open Energy a leading solution to the needs articulated by the ‘digital spine’ idea.  
  • Icebreaker One is independent and trusted
    • As a non-profit and non-partisan organisation, our approach will always be led by the needs of the stakeholders who have and need net-zero data
  • Open Energy works
    • Open Energy is working: new data is being shared regularly and support is widespread across the sector.  
  • Icebreaker One is set up for maximum impact
    • Icebreaker One is focused on our mission to help the sector achieve its net-zero goals – meaning that our solution is set up to have the most positive long-term impact.   
  • We’ve been endorsed by key players
    • A recent report by Energy Systems Catapult, who authored the Digital Spine report, said: “The regulator should mandate Open Energy as an industry wide data sharing mechanism. Open Energy has, via a competition run by government, created a service that enables trusted actors to share data in a consistent way across the energy value chain. Mandating this solution would accelerate its adoption and make consistent an approach, reducing costs and barriers to entry.”

Click here to endorse our approach as an individual expert or on behalf of your organisation

The research study will build on the Energy Systems Catapult’s Energy Digitalisation Taskforce report.

Read more here about how Icebreaker One supports the delivery of the recommendations made by the taskforce.

“Icebreaker One are developing our national data infrastructure. It’s as important as our roads, rail, water and broadband networks”

Lord Maude of Horsham

Photo credit: Spiky fireworks by Sheila Sund on Flickr, CC BY 2.0