Icebreaker One has implemented formal governance for Stream, the water-sector open data initiative to facilitate unlocking the potential of water data to benefit customers, society, and the environment. The new measures will ensure that data is shared legally, safely and securely.

Icebreaker One also stood up an interim Steering Group that is shaping the governance structure of Stream for when it enters the Implementation Phase. The programme is currently coming to the end of its Blueprint Phase.

The Icebreaker One team worked to establish a lasting set of robust governance measures and engagement opportunities ahead of the next proposed phase of Stream, ensuring continuity for the project between phases, and building best data sharing practices.

The first Steering Group meeting was held on the 19th January, where members discussed and agreed amendments to the Stream terms of reference.  Members also agreed that user needs should continue to be the focus of decision making within Stream. The next meeting will be held on 23rd March, with a third meeting to be held in May.

Icebreaker One has also been involved with Stream as a data infrastructure partner during the Blueprint phase, following our experience creating Open Net Zero and Open Energy for the UK energy sector. We reviewed workstream outputs from the Blueprint Phase and materially input into the Blueprint report.

Northumbrian Water, lead partner for Stream said:

“We have been delighted to be able to bring Icebreaker One on board to the Stream initiative to support us in opening up water sector data for customer, societal and environmental benefits. Their thought leadership and wealth of experience from other sectors, such as energy and banking has helped us to build a credible plan to efficiently open up water sector data and stimulate innovation. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the future as we move from blueprint phase into delivery.”

Icebreaker One’s Gea Mikic said:

“The Stream team did a wonderful job completing the Blueprint phase, placing the initiative in the best possible position to begin the Implementation Phase. It is great to see the water industry come together with the joint goal of creating a structure and process for providing open and shared data in order to unlock water data for the benefit of customers, society, and the environment.”

Following the next round of funding Stream will begin work on the Implementation Phase later in 2023.  As a Stream partner in the new phase, we are looking forward to continuing the governance work we have started, and working towards the sharing of water sector data.