When: 2pm GMT on Tuesday 28th March

Where: Register here for the live webinar

About this webinar: As part of our Open Net Zero work, Icebreaker One is convening stakeholders across the ESG ecosystem, providing valuable insights on how more transparent, comparable and standardised environmental data can benefit both the planet and business. 

We’ll hear from our researchers; Sheree Hellier and Emmanuel Coker, who are working to uncover the gaps in ESG data, as well as defining the requirements for a framework for easily discoverable and accessible net zero data. 

And, as we approach one year since mandatory TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) regulations were put in place, we’ll see to what extent environmental data is becoming available and how this can be put to use in the financial economy. 

Please join us at 2pm on the 28th March 2023 to gain greater knowledge of the ESG data landscape.

What we’ll cover:

  • Defining the ESG ecosystem and the goals of Open Net Zero
  • The differing levels of accessibility in ESG data
  • The key issues in access and comparability of ESG data
  • The role of ESG data in providing a more complete view of climate risk

Gavin Starks, Founder, Icebreaker One
Sheree Hellier, Researcher, Icebreaker One
Emmanuel Coker, Business Data Analyst, Icebreaker One

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