In September, we convened the first Perseus Data licensing & legal (AG3) meeting, co-chaired by Pinset Masons and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the mission, vision, and values of Perseus and the Advisory Group process. Attendees discussed AG1 success metrics, scope, objectives, recommendations, and outcomes and key points raised in the scoping document including Consumer protection, Security protocols, Competition and innovation, Transparency and disclosure, Regulation and oversight, Financial stability and risk management, Customer awareness and education, Data scope and granularity, Liability framework, and Market monitoring.

Reference: AG3 Scoping Document

Key meeting insights 

  • Access to energy data, particularly smart data is very complicated. The more specific we can be about the data flow – who, what, why, will make it easier to achieve something quickly.
  • We need this Advisory Group to be very precise about what we want to achieve without cutting avenues off for things we want to do in the future.
  • How can we create common consent model that everyone can align with, including highlighting potential risks 
  • There are many different licensing and legal questions around what data is required. The difference between raw data and derived data – when do we move from raw to derived data? Where does that happen? How do we ensure permissions on that data and what the banks need?

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