In September, we convened the first Perseus Policy Advisory Group (AG5) meeting, co-chaired by Planet Mark and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the mission, vision, and values of Perseus and the Advisory Group process. Attendees discussed AG5 success metrics, scope, objectives, recommendations, and outcomes

Reference: AG5 scoping document

Key insights 

  • By the end of 2023, AG5 must establish a clear scope of work for this group to establish what roles we need
  • We aim to do one thing well because we want to constrain the utilisation to just one use case to begin with, to ensure achievability. The scope will increase over time based on the repeatable patterns that are identified.
  • We are at the sharp end of implementation: we need to have a cohesive approach to implementation to end up with comparable data with the right level of scope and granularity, transparency, customers are protected
  • Data assurability is vital, it is part of our scope to determine what policy frameworks need to be in place to enable or protect those in the process.
  • The coverage cliff edge is a challenge: the reporting burden of larger organisations will be passed onto the SMEs.

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