In September, we convened the third Perseus User Needs & Impact meeting, co-chaired by Sage and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the energy flow and analytics for Perseus, reviewed the progress made so far, and the draft structure for a report.  Attendees discussed key priorities and chances for impact, headings for the report, headline use cases, and the roadmap for AG1. 

Reference: AG1 scope and development — draft report

Key meeting insights 

  • The priority question is to align around market-based carbon emissions calculation methodology. Please input comments into the meeting report summary (Action item #1 if you have any input).
  • We are creating an implementation for sharing assurable data in a pre-competitive space that informs reporting, not a new standard or a new carbon calculator. This should be emphasised in all communications: AG4 are working on content, comms & engagement plans to support this.
  • Collaboration with the real estate sector is being explored (with Demand Logic) to extend functionality to their tenants (businesses with leased, shared, serviced facilities with no individual MPAN and indirect bill payment).
  • Coordination with auditors will result in verification of methodology and resulting data. Confirmation that this approach is compatible with relevant standards (e.g. PAS 2050, ISO14064-x) would be helpful.
  • We have made progress since the last meeting – we held a sub-group to talk about getting access to tariff data – we can get it as easily as half-hourly billing data, site address, dumb meter data (differing resolution), site address and supplier ID from Smart DCC
  • Perseus helps banks fulfil regulatory reporting needs to lower PCAF scores, in addition to providing financial and behavioural incentives for SMEs

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