In October, we convened the second Perseus Policy Advisory Group meeting, co-chaired by Planet Mark and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the priorities for the advisory group and then building a roadmap for the highest five priorities. The group discussed in depth who the key stakeholders are, where there are gaps in information and how these priorities link to the other Perseus Advisory Groups.

Key Priorities identified 

  1. Identifying and addressing any regulatory issues that will affect scaling the demonstrator for energy data sharing (Financial / Energy / Data Protection)
  2. Mapping and addressing Data Protection issues relating to Perseus, ensuring SMEs have control of their confidential data.
  3. Exploring policy implications of data types / sustainability metrics being handled by Perseus (e.g. how does it advance a consistency in SME reporting standards?).

Topics for Consideration

  • Guidelines for competition and innovation to ensure engagement from a diverse range of third party sustainability analysis firms.
  • What happens to derivative data? Exploring how to encourage ‘Data Reciprocity’ to share insights derived from data acquired through Perseus back into the system. 
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to data access / measurement for SMEs (e.g. landlords unable / unwilling to share energy data).