In October, we convened the second Perseus Communications and Engagement meeting, co-chaired by Tide and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we heard a summary of the activity in the other Perseus advisory groups. We also discussed the Perseus related comms activities of advisory group members’ organisations; and the challenges that the group were facing.

Key meeting insights

  • We heard an update on the other AGs and discussed the following comms opportunities:
    • AG1: Bringing value of Perseus to life by telling practical stories of real user needs
    • AG2: Straightforward message that automated reporting is firstly possible and secondly accurate – will lead to uplift in data quality (PCAF)
    • AG3: Focus on reputational protection, reinforcing sound legal basis, built to high standards of privacy and data rights
    • AG5: Reinforcing trust. Infrastructure will be trustworthy, stable, and affordable because of the quality of policy work behind it.
  • It was agreed that storytelling with tangible outcomes and benefits for SMEs as well as banks and other stakeholders is key to gaining wider support for Perseus