In November, we convened the second Perseus Data licensing & legal advisory group meeting, co-chaired by Pinset Masons and Icebreaker One. The purpose of this meeting was to begin defining the purpose for data sharing and to draft a licensing framework based on the business and use case, and to identify potential barriers.

Key insights

  • The draft purpose for data sharing in the Perseus demonstrator was discussed by the group, producing the following points:
    • The Perseus project aims to enable SMEs to automate reporting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accurately and with low friction.
    • The Perseus demonstrator aims to illustrate how the infrastructure of this system works by trialling the flow of electricity consumption data – one specific type of data necessary for GHG reporting. To do this:
      • Phase 1 of the demonstrator will enable raw energy consumption data from SMEs to be shared with carbon accounting providers to support calculation of GHG emissions. 
      • Phase 2 of the demonstrator will enable onward sharing of derived data concerning SME GHG emissions with financial institutions to support SME access to green financial products and/or to enable banks to calculate the GHG emissions of their service and lending portfolios.
    • Sharing sensitive primary data types (e.g. electricity consumption data) is necessary for Perseus implementation because it underpins accurate GHG reporting processes that can account for the specificities of different business types, operations, and choices.
    • Implementing Persues will drastically simplify processes of sharing sustainability data for GHG reporting in a manner that is free to SMEs at the point of use. Improvements to the ease, speed and trustworthiness of GHG reporting will support the low carbon transition by enabling SMEs to build an accurate picture of their emissions profile, assess options for change, and access supportive green financing.
  • It was noted that when using the ICO framework, it does not mean that personal data regulations will apply in every case.
  • It was noted that the following points were explored in relation to developing a Data Sharing and Licensing Framework mode for the Perseus Business Case:
    • Key characteristics of data providers, data users and a contractual framework
    • Barriers: regulatory restrictions, data protection law, competition law and commercial considerations
  • It was noted that automation within the contractual framework for sharing data would be a key element of ensuring the process is seamless and avoids chain liabilities.



Chris Martin, Partner, Pinsent Masons

Emily Judson, Associate Researcher, Icebreaker One


Madhuban Kumar, CEO, Carbon Laces

Mathias Karady, VP, Head of ESG Product, Sage

Daniela Menzky, Chair, Climate Essentials

Jane Lucy, CEO & Co-Founder, Perse Energy

Rick Curtis, Smart DCC

Andrew Jackson, Managing Director, Swishfund Ltd


Simon Carroll, Partner, BP Collins

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