In November, we convened the third Perseus Communications and Engagement meeting, co-chaired by Tide and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the comms plan until COP and what should be the comms plan moving forward after COP and into 2024.  Progressing from demonstrator into implementation the group will cover roadmap, costing, actions, stakeholders, and governance.

Key meeting insights:

  • It was agreed that the following outputs have been made by the AG:
    • Defined our communications goals
    • Agreed that the story we’re telling focuses on the value of SME emissions data…
    • …but that our priority audience right now is banks and corporates to encourage them to join Perseus as members
    • Highlighted the need for a clear and consistent set of messages, and developed these
    • The most effective way to communicate Perseus is through the voices of members, and made a collective communications plan to coordinate this
  • A list of communications outputs to be published ahead of COP by AG members was noted
  • It was agreed that the communications needs for Perseus in 2024 would be a focus of the next AG meeting with input from the business case to be agreed by AG1 (User Needs)



Laura Townshend, Head of Communications, Icebreaker One

Zarina Banu, Head of PR and Communications, Tide


Conrad Langridge, Sage

Nika Safonova , Product Enablement Lead,Cogo

Rick Curtis, SmartDCC

Stephen Dury, Vice President, Innovation, FinTech, Strategy & Sustainability, Capgemini Invent

Vaz Nahl, Head of ESG, Capital Markets, Capgemini Invent


Andrew Jackson, Director of Policy, Swishfund Ltd

Anna Campbell, Head of Client Engagement & Delivery, Climate Essentials

Ash Goddard, Director & Facilitator, Climate Clarity

Hannah Cool, Director ESG Transformation, PwC

Puneet Sandhu, Product Director, Consumer, Sage