In November, we convened the second Perseus Technical Infrastructure meeting, co-chaired by Normative and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the strawman and what we will be bringing to COP. Additionally, the group covered technical implementation and scale barriers. The goal of this meeting was to endorse Advisory Group 2’s scope and technical outputs to date.

Key meeting insights 

  • It was agreed that the following technical inputs for the Perseus solution had been identified by the group:
  1. Consumption and tariff data
    1. Consumption Data
      1. It was discussed that converting meter reading consumption into kWh is complex. Additionally, there is a need to build in a statement of baseline for meter readings.
    2. Tariff Data
      1. It was discussed that there should be flexibility to build in off-peak/weekend variables.
      2. It was discussed that having fuel-mix at tariff level (via optional field) is a helpful addition. 
      3. It was noted that the export approach (production and tariffs) needs validation (to be taken into AG1).
  2. Consumption and tariff metadata
  3. Assurance
    1. It was noted that “connectedness” (or interoperability) is a dimension which should be expanded upon.
  4. Secure data exchange
  5. Permission mechanism
    1. It was agreed and noted that the term “permission” rather than “consent” would be used, based on a narrow definition of the latter. 
  • Barriers To Technical Implementation
    • Legal (permission); it was agreed that AG2 would keep up to date with new/emergent regulatory frameworks (cognizance of implication on value chain members).
    • It was discussed that understanding regulatory frameworks and security models would enable member organisations to contribute meaningfully
    • It was discussed that, for the micro SMEs, simplicity within this process is key.



Frank Wales, CTO, Icebreaker One

Ross Doherty, Role, Normative


Jaya Chakrabarti, CEO, Semantrica Ltd trading as

Ciaran Wood, VP, Sage

Rick Curtis, DCC

Oliver Bates, West London Business

Vikesh Sachdeva, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Perse Energy


Andrew Griffiths, Director of Policy & Partnerships, Planet Mark

Matt Overall, CTO, Net Zero Now

Hannah Drake, Founder & CEO, Enerlytic

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