In November, we convened the fifth Perseus User Needs & Impact meeting of 2023, co-chaired by Sage and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed getting the language right around assurance. We also discussed the proposed Perseus business model.

Meeting summary

It was noted that:

  • Getting the language right around the assurance process and requirements is key:
    • Assurance is critical to the solution for building trust
    • A form of assurance is being, or will likely be, mandated across the market
    • Assurance definitions of ‘limited’ and ‘reasonable’ are materially different
    • Basic requirements: level of documentation of technical backbone; ensuring accuracy in data; completeness checks

It was discussed that:

  • Reflecting on assurance principles, there should be controls, checks and balances built in to the solution (e.g. within automated data flow for standardisation)
  • In terms of the business case and involved parties (SMEs, software applications, banks, WBA etc.), the value of Perseus is in:
    • Helping unlock financial investment
    • Saving resources (time, efficiency)
    • Improving quality and credibility
    • Reducing friction for SMEs
    • Improving Scope 3, Cat 15 reporting on financed emissions



Gavin Starks, Founder and CEO, Icebreaker One

Duncan Oswald, Climate Science Lead, Sage


Aneysha Minocha, Founder and CEO, Quantenergy

Cerys Leff, Climate Data Analyst, Natwest

Hannah Cool, ESG Director, PwC

Ian Sutherland, CFO and Head of Net Zero, Tide

Jane Mossman, Head of Business Decarbonisation, West London

Josh Couchman, Head of Data Strategy, Connect Earth

Leon Jayasinghe, Partnerships Manager, Tide

Martina Colman, Head of Climate Science & Engineering, Climate Essentials

Molly Webb, Founder and CEO, Energy Unlocked

Nika Safonova, Business Carbon Management, Cogo

Rick Curtis, Smart DCC

Tracie Callaghan, Innovation Lead, Natwest


Andrew Griffiths, Director of Policy & Partnerships, Planet Mark

Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer

David Beer, Head of Enterprise Solutions and Partnerships, Cogo

Lee Freeman, Managing Partner, LSF Consultants Limited t/a Auditel

Lynne Baber, UK PwC Sustainability Practice Leader, PwC

Madhuban Kumar, CEO, Carbon Laces

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