In February, we reconvened Stream’s Market and User Needs Advisory Group. This group comprises subject matter experts from 16 water companies and other industry stakeholders, with the role of advising and supporting the project partners as they commence work on Stream’s Implementation Phase

Since the MVP launch in December 2023, the Stream partners are working towards a key milestone of delivering a functional platform in April 2024.

February’s AG meeting aimed to:

  1. Reset the priorities for Advisory Group 1 in the context of Day One.
  2. Encourage participation and give feedback on initiatives that can grow the group’s shared understanding and culture of openness such as the Trust Framework, Centres of Expertise and Operating Model.
  3. Review and provide guidance on the shared dataset.

Key Insights:

  • An overview of the Trust Framework (TF) implementation plan was delivered:
    • Q1: Register as assured organisations
    • Q2: Publish assurable open data
    • Q3: Publish assurable shared data
    • Q4: Review & revise: design processes for scale
  • The Centres of Expertise were introduced:
    • The CoE kicked off with five founding members getting together to share expertise, learnings and how to fast-track change.
    • The Strategic Change Plan will focus on four core components: Stakeholders & Narrative; Centres of Expertise; Vision and Operating Model; and Governance and Capability.
  • An update on the Shared Data Use Case was delivered. There will be a review of the backlog of use cases and this will be discussed with members in March’s AG.
  • An overview of Stream’s User Communications plan was shared, including:
    • Stakeholder mapping: levels of interest, influence and knowledge
    • Narrative review: aligning communications to narrative pillars
    • Key messages and proof points
  • An update on the Operating Model (OM) Workstream was given:
    • The OM workstream is currently refining the end to end processes for the workstreams.
    • Work has centred on translating processes into user stories, governance and legal.
    • OM will be looking at costs and the resource model for Stream.
  • An update on the MVP learnings and feedback was given:
    • Since the MVP went live in December, lessons learned/feedback include suggestions for future features, such as API access. Aiimi are helping to move and assist delivery on the Esri platform, creating an initial backlog.

Key Resources:

The Advisory Group will reconvene for the next meeting in March 2024.