In February, we reconvened Stream’s Steering Group. The Steering Group is designed to gather experts that can represent water companies, regulators, research, innovation bodies and government. Its primary function is to help provide leadership and market signalling. Oversight of, and endorsement from, this group will establish a lasting set of robust governance measures ahead of and throughout the Implementation Phase of Stream and beyond, contributing to the continuity of the project. Ultimately, the Steering Group ensures data is shared safely and with the correct regulations.

Since the MVP launch in December 2023, the Stream partners are working towards a key milestone of delivering a functional platform in April 2024.

Key Insights

  • It was noted that Stream has provided momentum and guidance to organisations on their journeys to publishing open data. Current difficulties include resourcing (e.g. time, dedicated roles) and increasing wider organisational buy-in.
  • It was noted that a Trust Framework high-level implementation plan was delivered:
    • Q1: Register as assured organisations
    • Q2: Publish assurable open data
    • Q3: Publish assurable shared data
    • Q4: Review & revise: design processes for scale
  • It was discussed that the cost of running the TF will be developed alongside the Stream business plan, involving a collaborative design process.
  • It was noted that the Data Standards recommendations from AG2 were made aware to the SG, for review and sign-off.
  • It was agreed that:
    • The Stream Product Owner role has been filled.
    • Stream’s new member, South East Water, was approved.
    • The Stream Trademark application will be progressed.
  • An update on the National Environment Hub submission to Water UK was given:
    • Water UK has committed to providing the public with up-to-date information on the operation of sewage overflows in England. All water companies will have a responsibility to share and connect data across the market.
    • To deliver this work for Summer 2024, the project will require a simple design, a decentralised approach, a common data standard and minimal customisation.
    • Further discussion regarding the scope and costed proposal of the work will occur before the SG is asked to make a formal decision on involvement.
  • It was noted that an update on the Operating Model (OM) workstream was delivered. The workstream has been working closely with project partners on user stories; communications and strategic change; governance; and the long-term vision for Stream.
  • It was noted that the OM workstream is considering resourcing requirements and staffing scenarios.
  • It was noted that the workstreams are currently defining the acceptance criteria for Day 1, which will be presented to the SG for sign-off.
  • It was noted that the following AG1 updates and decisions were shared:
    • AG1 is seeking a water company co-chair.
    • Overviews were delivered on the TF, Communications plan, Strategic Change, OM workstream and MVP learnings.
    • AG members’ priorities for Centres of Expertise are governance, communications and knowledge sharing.
    • Next steps for AG1: 1) Ensure workstream coordination for efficient member engagement. 2) Prioritised (Open Data) use case backlog to be shared with AG members. 3) Discuss potential first Shared Data use cases in March.
  • It was noted that the following AG2 updates and decisions were shared:
    • Overviews were delivered on the TF, Data Standards, Legal and OM workstreams and MVP learnings.
    • It was agreed that the Data Standards have been provisionally approved by AG2 and will be presented to the SG for adoption.
    • An introduction to Esri’s platform build, objectives and timescales was delivered.

Stream’s Steering Group will reconvene in March 2024 for the next meeting.