In February, we convened the third Perseus Policy Advisory Group meeting, co-chaired by Planet Mark and Icebreaker One. This meeting aimed to align members on the priorities for Perseus in 2024 and introduce the Working Groups for policy-related focuses.

Key insights:

  • It was noted that Adam Jackson will be acting as the new AG5 co-chair.
  • It was noted that the governance & structure of Advisory Groups for 2024 was presented:
    • Advisory Group (AG) meetings will take place quarterly, comprising commercial actors, and will report into the Steering Group (SG). 
    • It will be crucial that members are able to give approval in the AGs. If additional colleagues are needed for sign off, we can invite them. 
    • Working Groups (WGs) will be introduced to cover detailed work, comprising AG members and domain experts.
  • It was noted that the priorities for 2024 were presented:
    • Project Perseus
      • Q1: Update existing Members and gain new members; initiative detailed design for governance, assurance, legal terms, codes/regs; design onboarding for pilot with members, map data flows from reporting solutions to banks.
      • Q2: Members renewed and expanded; register members in TF; refine prototype and build learnings into Pilot Plan; design and agree assurance, legal terms, codes/regs
      • Q3: Pilot onboarding & implementation; register members in pilot scheme, engagement workshops; pilot communications design & engagement; legal terms signed; code interventions initiated
      • Q4: Pilot live; user feedback; member-led communications; Perseus report and 2025 plan.
      • It was discussed that the project will initially focus on smart meter data but will expand to include others in the future.
    • Policy AG5 Priorities
      • Consider legal/policy challenges that could inhibit the pilot being completed by the end of the year.
      • Consider what could prevent scaling once the pilot is completed.
  • It was noted that the Policy and Legal Barriers Risk Register was shared with AG5 and input was requested. It was discussed that:
    • There will be multiple routes to accessing the data.
    • Broader risks should be raised and discussed with other relevant AGs.
    • There is an opportunity to create alignment at policy level regarding consistency in methodologies/frameworks for calculating emissions.
    • Consideration of risk effects (Pilot / Scale / Wider Measures) were added to the risk register.
  • It was agreed that the group would work offline to review the risk register and discuss at the next meeting.



Andrew Griffiths, Planet Mark

Adam Jackson, Innovate Finance


Andrew Dakers, West London Business

Hannah Gilbert, British Business Bank

Ian Sutherland , Tide

Jago Corry, Innovate Finance

Jane Lucy, Perse Energy

Khaled El Hariri, Climate Essentials

Carbon Laces


John Kane, Trust Alliance Group

Natasha Thomas, Sage

Neil Ross Russell, Net Zero Now

Rick Curtis, DCC