In February, we convened the Perseus Technical Infrastructure Advisory Group for the first meeting of 2024, co-chaired by Normative and Icebreaker One. The meeting aimed to set the scene for 2024, outlining the overall aims of Project Perseus, an update on the prototype’s technical progress and establishing working groups.

Key Insights:
  • It was noted that the governance and structure of the Advisory Groups for 2024 was presented to AG2:
    • The purpose of the Advisory Groups will be to define the direction, scope and oversight, and adopt recommendations made by the WGs. AGs will report into the Steering Group and meet quarterly.
    • Members will need the ability to approve requests and processes raised in the AG meetings on behalf of their organisations.
    • Working Groups (WG) will be introduced to explore specific issues in depth.
  • It was noted that an update on the 2023 outcomes and 2024 goals and priorities was presented to AG2.
  • It was noted that the high-level Perseus roadmap for 2024 includes:
    • Q1: Update existing Members and gain new members; initiate detailed design for governance, assurance, legal terms, codes/regs; design onboarding for pilot with members, map data flows from reporting solutions to banks.
    • Q2: Members renewed and expanded; register members in TF; refine prototype and build learnings into Pilot Plan; design and agree assurance terms, legal terms, codes/regs.
    • Q3: Pilot onboarding & implementation; register members in pilot scheme, engagement workshops; pilot communications design & engagement; legal terms signed; code interventions initiated.
    • Q4: Pilot live; user feedback; member-led communications; Perseus report and 2025 plan.
  • It was noted that an update on the prototype technical progress was delivered.
    • It was discussed that whilst the repositories are currently hosted on Github privately, they will become more widely available in the future.
  • It was discussed that:
    • The technical design will need to be engineered for scalability beyond the pilot phase.
    • It will be useful to consider which design components will impact which organisations and how architecture framework decisions have been made with respect to cost, sustainability, reliability and efficiency. 
    • Developing the pilot’s value proposition specifically to SMEs will be integral.
  • It was noted that AG2’s prioritised Working Groups include:
    • Data standards
    • Platforms and systems


Ross Doherty, Normative

Frank Wales, Icebreaker One


Ciaran Wood, Sage

Dan Mauger, Demand Logic

Matt Overall, Net Zero Now

Oliver Bates, West London Business

Phil Rolling, CBN Expert

Vikesh Sachdeva, Perse Energy


Dave Curran, Open Volt

Hannah Drake, Enerlytic

Martina Colman, Climate Essentials

Rick Curtis, DCC