In April, we convened the Perseus Data Licensing & Legal Advisory Group for the first meeting of 2024, co-chaired by Pinsent Masons and Innovate Finance. The purpose of this meeting was to provide some scene setting for the newly formed AG3, provide an update on cross-AG questions, the risk register and dispute resolution process, and finally form AG3’s working groups.

Meeting Summary

  • It was noted that priorities for the newly formed Advisory Group 3 Legal & Policy include:
    • Examining the legal, policy and regulatory issues related to Perseus and understanding how they intersect with the other Advisory Groups e.g. technical build.
    • Identifying and delivering elements which will be essential for the prototype and pilot.
  • It was noted that an update on AG2’s work was presented:
    • AG2 has been building the prototype, based on Open Banking’s FAPI model, which was delivered two months ago with Sage and Demand Logic.
    • Data standards are being drafted, with definitions for half hourly energy and tariff data.
    • The Assurance working group has decided to proceed with regional carbon intensity factors from ESO.
  • AG2 (Technical) is commencing work in permissions definition and management and has posed questions to AG3 for discussion:
    • Can we trust data providers to manage permission from the SME or do we need a role for “Consent Manager” in the TF?
      • It would be expected that the data provider would have the appropriate mechanisms to extend permissions and take responsibility for this.
      • The nature of the data will inform what permission is required.
      • With the incoming data bill, consent management will be built to a standard that’s compatible with GDPR.
    • Do we need to independently assure/audit permission management?
      • If data providers are owning the permissions, it would be necessary to audit.
    • Do building managers need to have a technical role in the Trust Framework? Or is it enough for the SME to set up the reporting and assert it’s theirs?
      • This question will be taken to AG1 to confirm the data source.
  • It was noted that the draft dispute resolution procedure has been designed to resolve disputes between Perseus members and also complaints between members and IB1.
    • The model has been developed based on asynchronous review and will continue to be refined by the Dispute Resolution working group, for review.
  • It was noted that AG3 members and colleagues are invited to sign up to Working Groups in:
    • WG1 – Dispute resolution
    • WG2 – Data licensing
    • WG3 – Carbon accounting auditing and data requirements
  • It was noted that upcoming priorities are:
    • 1) Organise a vote on the direction for consent management 
    • 2) Encourage the audit working group to provide proposals for a decision on how we handle it for the pilot at the next AG.
    • 3) For the next two AGs, Emily will progress the licensing model so it can be proposed at the July AG.
    • 4) The dispute resolution procedure will continue to be refined by Chris and the working group.

The next meeting will take place on July 11th 2024.