In March, we reconvened Stream’s Steering Group, co-chaired by Icebreaker One and NWL, for an interim meeting to confirm the go-live criteria ahead of the Day 1 Launch of new datasets on the Stream platform.

Meeting Summary:

  • A walkthrough of the go-live criteria was presented covering operating model; use cases & data procurement; technical platform; data standards; communications.
  • Operating Model
    • The checklist for the platform to be operational has been defined and documented in the OM playbook, built in collaboration with IB1, Esri and the Product Owner.
    • The BAU team has been onboarded.
    • All roles and responsibilities for data publishers have been defined, documented and communicated.
  • Use Cases & Data Procurement
    • The documentation for each of the Day 1 datasets has been prepared and approved.
    • Narratives on value have been captured and will be uploaded as Story Maps.
    • Amber: The number of datasets being published for Day 1 launch.
      • Four companies are in a position to share data for UC9 and UC21.
      • Two companies are in a position to share data for UC18.
  • It was discussed that:
    • Despite two water companies being able to publish UC18, there is value in meeting the minimum criteria of three datasets and publishing as a collective.
    • The clash in timing of the go-live date and the publication of storm overflow maps presents the potential for negative communications impacts. This could be mitigated by the addition of a note to create a clear distinction between the activities. 
    • The limited availability of programme resourcing after Day 1 must be a consideration in decisions around delaying the publication of the datasets.
  • Technical Platform
    • UAT has been completed and the documents are available to view.
    • The security assessment has been conducted and is complete.
    • The playbook for training data publishers is available on SharePoint and the Stream platform.
    • Admin roles are on track to be completed.
    • The team is experiencing a few issues with the domain provider and is planning to transition to an alternative provider which works with the Esri platform.
    • Elysia Moore, Product Owner, has functionally accepted the platform.
  • The data standards are publicly available on Github.
  • A revised communications approach has been proposed with agreement from other members and their communications parties. This approach will entail a soft launch of the platform through conversational pieces on Linkedin, explaining the transition from MVP to the Esri platform.
  • It was agreed that anyone can publish their data as and when it is ready, however, Stream will only go live with the communications regarding the datasets for each use case, once the criteria of three datasets is achieved.

The next meeting will take place on May 16th 2024.