Understanding Data Sharing — a pragmatic approach to Governance

To bring more clarity to our journey towards a Shared Data infrastructure, we need to bring together a range of skills and expertise.

We can learn from previous decades of web development that ‘move fast and break things’ often leads us to … broken things.

Policy, regulation and governance is [often] slow to play catch up, but rather than beat up the regulators, we can look at how to best shorten the path between business and societal needs.

Working across the Data Spectrum, we can help to triage which areas are easy or hard based on user needs and where they sit in the data value chain. We can also learn from existing initiatives what processes are complex or high effort to construct in the context of a decentralised data economy.

Example — developing an Open Energy standard

Collaboration is at the heart of any such developments. To illustrate, the process we [Icebreaker One] are using to develop Open Energy now includes over 60 domain experts from across the sector, and beyond.