There are 14 calendar days to go until we touch down in Geneva.

Our provocation paper has had over 20 contributors, is now in draft form and is almost ready for broader review: we will circulate to those on the mailing list when ready. In the document, we discuss:

  • What’s at stake and what we plan to do
  • The importance of governance
  • Culture, our stories, language and definitions
  • Making, testing and learning for users
  • Standards for machines and humans
  • A framework for our environmental data infrastructure
  • Guiding principles for our work
  • Next steps, and how you can get involved

We have also mapped Icebreaker One against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Add your story!

We’re all about user needs. We’re going to be adding more details from our workshop in the coming week, but please see the summaries and add your story here.

Please also help us to find people who have stories.

Supporters — join today

Our list of supporters continues to grow. Please help us connect with organisations who’d like to join the discussion privately, or publicly “Support the Icebreaker One discussion”.

Social media

Please help us extend our reach — share/adapt these for your social media channels:

  • The finance industry has called for “policymakers and the financial sector to collaborate to bridge the data gaps to enhance the assessment of climate-related risks” Let’s work that out. Do you have an Icebreaker story? #gp2019geneva #GPGeneva19
  • Between 2000-2013, disasters cost the world $2.5tn. Help change the way we think about and finance resilience—join   #gp2019geneva #GPGeneva19
  • Working on environmental risk modelling? New interoperability project—sign up now #gp2019geneva #GPGeneva19
  • Join us today to ‘bridge the data gaps’ and enhance our understanding of environmental and climate-related risks — #gp2019geneva #GPGeneva19