We are very excited that Icebreaker One has made it through to the second phase of the SBRI “Modernising Energy Data Access” competition! 

In Phase 2 we are building an energy data ecosystem that works for everyone. We are focusing our work on two streams developing: 

  1. a Minimum Viable Proposition Open Energy standard in collaboration with industry;
  2. a prototype Open Energy Data Infrastructure Governance Platform.  

We want to ensure the work we’re doing meets the needs of those right across the energy ecosystem, and we’re looking for individuals and organisations to help us do that.

Can you contribute 3 days over the next 3 months and help us shape the future of energy data in the UK? If so, please get in touch!

Starting from the end of September, we are hosting four focussed Advisory Groups. These will explore and provide a forum for discussion and feedback on the following areas:

  • User, market and societal needs – specific user needs, the market requirements to meet these, and the societal benefits that are sought;
  • Policy, regulation and legal issues – regulatory requirements, participant certification as well as legal issues including data rights, IP and liability associated with the OE Standard;
  • Operational requirements – the operational principles, procedures, processes and systems;
  • Technical requirements the technology architecture needed to support this work, including capability, authentication, data search and future API specifications.

To ensure balanced industry representation, we may not be able to accept all those who express interest into our advisory groups. However, we will make sure we provide regular updates and take additional feedback through webinars run as part of Icebreaker One’s Energy cluster. Therefore, if you are unable to be part of our Advisory Groups, but want to be kept up to date about the progress of MEDA Phase 2, please let us know.