Unlocking water data has the potential to tackle critical sector challenges and create far reaching benefits for customers, society and the environment. Comprising 16 water and professional services companies, Stream is redefining the blueprint for water data by co-creating an open data framework for the sector.

Icebreaker One, as governance advisory partner, launched an interim Steering Group in 2023. The goal was to shape the governance structure of Stream, working to establish a lasting set of robust governance measures and engagement opportunities.

Customers: Using open data insights into water usage, utilities can optimise water management, minimise losses and ultimately pass these savings on to customers.

Society: The open data framework encourages more data-driven decision making. This results in improved services and the prevention of environmental incidents, benefitting society as a whole.

The Environment: By drawing on collective experience, sharing our research and best practices, we can reach our net-zero goals quicker. This kind of collaboration is crucial for carbon reduction in the water sector.

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