Need for Data Stewardship in Climate Action
The effective management of climate-related data is essential for informing policy-making, supporting
scientific research, and empowering communities to take proactive measures in response to climate
change. However, the vast and diverse nature of climate data presents challenges related to data
quality, interoperability, accessibility, and privacy. Additionally, the increasing volume and complexity
of climate data require advanced technologies and methodologies for analysis and interpretation.
Data stewardship practices play a crucial role in addressing these challenges by ensuring the integrity,
reliability, and ethical use of climate data throughout its lifecycle. By promoting data stewardship
principles and leveraging AI capabilities, this project aims to strengthen the resilience of communities,
ecosystems, and economies in the face of climate change impacts.

IB1 provided a keynote presentation for the event.

Workshop Overview:
The UK-India Data Stewardship for Climate through AI workshop is a collaborative initiative of the
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) with the Aapti Institute, Indian Institute of
Technology (IIT) Bombay and the Open Data Institute (ODI), aimed at addressing the pressing
challenges of climate change through responsible data stewardship and the application of artificial
intelligence (AI) technologies. With climate change posing significant threats to ecosystems,
communities, and economies globally, there is an urgent need for innovative approaches to mitigate
its impacts and adapt to changing environmental conditions. This project seeks to harness the power of data and AI to enhance our understanding of climate dynamics, facilitate evidence-based decision-
making, and drive actionable solutions towards a more sustainable future.