In March, we reconvened Stream’s Steering Group which comprises representatives from water companies, government and regulators. The Steering Group is designed to gather experts that can represent water companies, regulators, research, innovation bodies and government. 

Co-chaired by Icebreaker One and NWL, the group’s primary function is to help provide leadership and market signalling. Oversight of, and endorsement from, this group will establish a lasting set of robust governance measures to ensure data is shared safely and with the correct regulations.

Since the MVP launch in December 2023, the Stream partners are working towards a key milestone of delivering a functional platform in April 2024.

March’s SG meeting aimed to re-align on the long-term direction of the projects, including the governance process. Approval was sought for the Stream Trademark, the Go-Live criteria and the National Environment Hub approach. The meeting also intended to lay the foundations for the Trust Framework, demonstrating how to publish assured data.

Meeting Summary:

  • It was agreed that a ⅔ threshold for voting was established, with one vote per organisation.
  • It was noted that Stream’s strategic themes will be used to inform OKRs (objectives and key results) to encourage short-term accountability.
  • It was noted that Operational Updates were presented:
    • It was agreed that the trademark application should be progressed.
    • Minor blueprint deviations.
  • It was noted that the Steering Group confirmed approval of the go-live criteria offline. The workstream leads have confirmed that requirements are set for go-live on April 30th 2024.
  • It was agreed that:
    • The minimum threshold for go-live would be publishing three datasets per use case.
    • The Steering Groups supports the programme delivering the NEH with Water UK.
  • It was noted that a briefing on IB1’s Trust Framework roadmap outlined how to publish assured data in Stream.
  • It was noted that a briefing on the Operating Model was presented:
    • The team is defining the long-term cost model according to 1) Platform and licensing costs 2) Partner fees and 3) BAU resourcing costs.
    • Personas required to support the lean BAU organisation have been developed.
  • It was noted that AG1 updates include:
    • The continued need to establish a shared understanding of the Stream Data Spectrum.
    • The AG will transition from providing operational support to strategic overview.
    • Members have voted on discussion topics from Ofwat’s Outcome Delivery Incentives.
  • It was noted that AG2 updates include:
    • The group’s review of the go-live criteria and Trust Framework.
    • Data standards are now publicly available on the GitHub repository.

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