Target audience(s): Carbon reporting solutions; domain experts; users of such tools.

The open survey is now live via

The British Business Bank (BBB) have commissioned Icebreaker One to help understand the landscape of carbon calculators and ESG ‘software tools’ available to UK SMEs.

The key research questions we are aiming to address are: 

“What is currently out there, and what is needed to help accelerate impact to Net Zero?”

Before sending out our first survey, aligned with Icebreaker One’s open approach, we are starting this process by asking for your inputs into what the questions should be

We are acutely aware that this is a broad category and there are many, often blurred, distinctions of what solutions provide, and refining this to help bring clarity to the market is part of the work.

If you are either a solutions provider or a user of solutions, we would like your input today.

If you would like to give feedback on the questions, you can comment in this Google Doc, or download this Word Doc version and comment.

We’ll send out the actual survey next Friday 6th October and your input today will help us make it better. 

We will also be reaching out to specific organisations to interview them and gather more detail. If you are interested in participating in an interview please contact If you can’t access the Google Document, email that address and we’ll send the questions as an attachment. 

Please be a ‘critical friend’ with your input, and don’t miss this opportunity to shape important national research. 


We will publish aggregate results of this work openly for the benefit of everyone. The better the inputs we get, the more everyone can orient around what works.

We are not looking for sales or marketing presentations from companies. We are focussed on quantitative and qualitative comparisons that BBB can use in addressing and/or supporting market needs.

We are not looking to assess or review any standards, frameworks, methodologies.